Hi! I am Sarah Cohan, Owner & Designer of Elevate Capes.

My name is Sarah Cohan. I am a cape maker, festival lover, and general mischief maker.

My work is inspired by majorettes and marching bands. While I’m not one myself these performers have a particular energy about them. They march in uniform but they also stand out in a crowd and shine. I like to think of myself as a joiner and a leader. And you better believe I want my clothes to reflect that. 

Elevate Capes are great to wear at festivals; parties; as a costume; weddings for the bride, groom, officiant, guests and everything in between, a special occasion, and of course a birthday party. Buyer beware, Elevate Capes are known to give wearers the power of space flight. Safety third my friends!

Please contact us if you’re interested in a custom cape, have any questions or feedback. I am constantly iterating to make these capes your go to accessory.

Want to stay in touch? Join the Elevate Universe for all kinds of music, festival, and cape updates. We promise it won't be boring.

About the brand. 

The company started December, 2018 when owner Sarah Cohan made a secret cape for her friend’s annual White Elephant holiday party. The cape was opened early in the game, immediately stolen three times, and ended up with a big fan.

Following the infamous game Sarah was commissioned to make several capes. Eventually she decided it was time to take these capes seriously...ha...and launch Elevate Capes.

All Elevate Capes are handmade in San Francisco. A very elevated city.