Welcome to Elevate Capes

Welcome to Elevate Capes. I am very excited to announce that I’m launching a cape company, Elevate Capes. These special capes are handmade for your next galactic space flight.

My name is Sarah Cohan. I’m a comedian, festival lover, and general mischief maker. I started making and designing clothes for my curvy body a few years ago when I couldn’t find festival clothes that fit me and my loud personality. Looking back I’m grateful for this experience because I learned how to wrestle with fabric. But I don’t miss the shameful experience of walking out of a fitting room empty handed because nothing fit. Festival fashion can do better and it inspired me to try it out myself.

Rainbow cape, magician cape, magic cape

In a serious of strange events Elevate Capes was born in December of 2018 when I made a secret cape for my friend’s annual White Elephant holiday party. This tradition brings a larger-than-average crowd of about 50 people. Every year the game takes hours to finish in a cozy (by cozy I mean sweaty and packed) San Francisco living room. The game is an emotional rollercoaster. A true test of endurance. It’s not for the faint of heart.

For years I was the asshole that brought joke gifts to the party. I was very good at wrapping dud gifts in beautiful paper. Sounds crafty, right? My best joke gift was a butternut squash wrapped in the most beautiful cream and gold wrapping paper topped with a gigantic sparkly bow. The trick is presentation. My dear friend, that takes this game very seriously, carefully chose my gift from underneath the tree. Upon opening it he was so upset with me he refused to speak to me the rest of the night. Ooops. So after many years of bringing laughs to the party I realized I was paying the karmic price. 

Last year In an effort to redeem myself I decided to make something truly spectacular that everyone would want to steal rather than get stuck with. I designed a gorgeous rainbow sequin cape with dramatic shoulder accents. The winner of the cape fought hard for it and won it fair and square despite the accusations that were thrown her way.

The winner (pictured below basking in glorious bathroom light) was elated. She described it as “better than Chanel”. She wore it the next weekend for her wedding photos and it proudly hangs in her living room as a piece of art between wearings. Several friends commissioned a version of that cape and in that very moment, Elevate Capes was born.

rainbow cape

Since then I have been commissioned to make several birthday capes. I love working with the birthday girl to figure out her cape style. Cape inspiration can come from anywhere including Phish, Frida Kahlo, and my personal favorite leopard print. If you can name it, I can make it.

Most of my capes are inspired by majorettes and marching bands. While I’m not one myself these performers have a particular energy about them. They march in uniform but they also stand out in a crowd and shine. Sounds like a festival goer, no? I like to think of myself as a joiner and a leader. And you better believe I want my clothes to reflect that. 

Now I know you might be wondering, where am I possibly going to wear a cape? Elevate capes can be worn anywhere. But they are particularly great at festivals; parties; as a costume; weddings for the bride, groom, officiant, guests and everything in between (see my wedding capes below); a special occasion; and of course a birthday party. Buyer beware, Elevate Capes are known to give wearers the power of space flight. Safety third my friends!

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I am currently working on getting this cape company off the launching pad. Please stay tuned. I’ll be sharing my journey and of course tips on how to stay Elevated. Please contact me if you’re interested in a custom cape, have any questions or feedback. I am constantly iterating to make these capes your go to accessory.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. And thank you to you my friends, family, and most especially my husband for all of your support. I can’t wait to see more capes in the world.

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