Tips on how to dress like it's a festival in your living room during lockdown

Oh, Hey, Elevate Universe. Bequinox, which is my absolute favorite Burning Man regional event held outside of Los Angeles, was canceled because of COVID19. Our health is what is most important. Please take care of yourself. But while we're doing it at home by ourselves, I want us to have a little bit of fun. So I thought I would explain how I get dressed for a night on the couch, festival style. 

Starting from the bottom, we’ve got comfy slippers. Normally I’d be wearing my Doc Martin sparkly boots, but tonight we’re inside so we are comfortable. Being comfortable is the most important rule for dressing up at a festival. If I'm uncomfortable and wearing something cute that’s making me choke and sweat, then I need to change immediately. Comfort is key. 

Moving on up from the slippers we have a pair of lovely fishnet stockings. Now it's very warm in my house, but if it was, you know, maybe a little chillier like at a festival I would layer either a legging or another color tight underneath. Layers are the secret to festival fashion.

Next up, I've got this lovely Five & Diamond romper. This is one of my favorites. It's lacy and it's got pockets. I'm obsessed with it. I bought it a while ago but here’s a sexy romper they have available online.

Then we've got a leopard print fanny pack. I wish I could share the link but It is from a secondhand store. Now, Fanny packs, are the key to capes because when you are rocking a cape, it's pretty hard to wear a backpack unless you want a Prince Humperdinck humpback. Plus they are a fun accessory and can store all your essentials. Here is a similar fanny pack on Amazon (this is an affiliate link). 

Up next step, we've got the red and gold fire cape. This particular cape was really speaking to me tonight. I think because of the red and gold elements of fire and that is an important ritual for a Burning Man event. This cape has lovely shoulder accents and detail that have more red sequins, red flowers, and a white feather, super fun. Of course we offer several capes that can complete your couch festival look here.

The hat is a personal DIY project. Elevate Capes does not offer hats quite yet but hopefully in 2021. Stay tuned.

To finish it off, I've got a lovely necklace from Art for Trees. This is an amazing project by Melissa Baron. They are planting trees to offset the carbon footprint of festivals. The artist behind the pendants is Tzipora Hoynik based in LA. I’m obsessed with her work. I love to wear pendants that I receive as gifts as part of my festival outfit. They give me a little superpower and a good story to share when meeting strangers. I usually layer several necklaces together. Don’t be shy about accessories. Again layering here is your friend!

Alright, that completes the livingroom festival look. Please share your festival couch pictures with me by tagging @ElevateCapes. You can enjoy our Elevate playlist while you're chilling on the couch.

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