These capes are 100% American Made

You’d better believe it. Every single cape is made right here in California. To honor this week’s holiday I thought I would showcase how our capes are made and introduce you to one of our capemakers. We are proud to be sustainable company that sources and manufactures everything right here in California.

I start with materials that are sourced right here in California. The fabric of each cape comes from a lovely family-owned and operated vendor in the Garment District of Los Angeles. They have an astounding array of sequins, satin, and all other cape materials. I really enjoy working with them. They are a Jewish Armenian family and the last I visited them I got a lovely history lesson of my Jewish origins and my last name Cohan. I was not raised Jewish but apparently the Cohan priests wore some pretty blingy outfits, it seems the flashiness has definitely passed down in my lineage. 

All of the capes are designed by me and I have done alot of testing and gathering of feedback to make sure they are comfortable and dope. We have a ton of ready to ship capes in stock and we also work with you directly to design a custom cape with your own colors, designs, and fit. I have been amazed by your creativity and inspirations for custom capes. I’m working on a trans flag cape right now, I can’t wait to post pictures.

As for constructing the cape either I sew the cape myself or I work with an amazing seamstress in Napa. It takes anywhere from 4-12 hours to complete an Elevate Cape. It all depends on how much extra bling we're adding. Meghan Slack is a seamstress, a fellow burner, and has her own line of shorts and leggings that you can check out on Instagram @_goldengoodies. She has alot of experience sewing many of our ready to ship capes. She’s also been sewing many of our facemasks. 

It is really important to me to make these capes in America. I believe in paying vendors fairly. I want to minimize destroying our planet by avoiding shipping from overseas, and working with vendors that treat their employees fairly. I want you to wear your cape knowing that it was sustainably made.

I hope you enjoyed learning about our local sustainable American made practices. It is a true pleasure to make capes for all of you. We look forward to your comments and questions below!

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