Quarantine Cocktail Recipe

I hope that everyone is healthy, taking care of yourself, and not spreading germs. While we’re all doing that I also want everyone to enjoy their quarantine time. Please enjoy this very simple and very tasty quarantine cocktail.

Quarantine Cocktail Recipe:

Step One: Get out your finest cup. Since you’re hosting a festival in your own home it’s important to use your finest cup for this cocktail. Bringing your own cup helps reduce landfill and is a wonderful conversation starter for your virtual dance party. Here is my favorite cup, it’s a wooden cup from Norway that I was gifted on Playa.

Step Two: Pour one shot (or more) of vodka into your finest cup. Substitutes: gin & rum.

Step Three: Fill your cup to the top with Trader Joes Lemon Elderflower Soda.

Step Four: Put on Elevate Cape

Step Five: Live your best life.

I hope you enjoy your quarantine weekend. Please share photos of your finest cup and your living room festival! Stay Elevated.

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  • Love the drink, love the cape, and oh, yes— LOVE that cup! Thanks for brightening up my quarantine night :)

    Laura Frank

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