Glitter Makeup Tutorial for your night in!

Here’s a little distraction for our current house arrest situation. I hope everyone is healthy and taking care of yourself. This social distancing is important to keep us all safe. But while we’re doing it let’s have some fun with a glitter makeup tutorial so we can glitz out while we’re on the couch. Click the link above to watch the tutorial. Below are the instructions.

Glitter Makeup Tutorial:

Step One: Apply your glue around your eyes, this can be the top of your cheekbones or above your eyebrows or both. Here is a glue product from Amazon that I have used and loved (yes, this link is an affiliate link so they can pay me for these awesome tips). It's a sticky glue that is safe for your face but will also clump the glitter kind of like a sticker. You can also use Chapstick or lipstick as an alternative.

Step One-and-a-half: Now it is super, super, super, super important to get biodegradable glitter. I recommend glitter from Glitterevolution. I am not being paid to promote them, I just like their product. If you have glitter leftover in your stash that is not biodegradable, I encourage you not to use it. And if you must use it then when you’re done looking fabulous at the end the night before you go to bed wipe that glitter off with a tissue paper and throw it in the trash. The plastic glitter going down bathroom sink goes straight into the ocean and that is plastic in the ocean which is so toxic for our environment. So let's do the best we can. Take care of our environment because we love it so much. We love our mama nature.

Step Two: Pour the biodegradable glitter into your hand. So you have a little pile. And then take your finger and dab into the glitter pile and then dab the glitter onto the glue on your face. It gets a little sticky. You're going to have glitter on your fingers, but that's okay because it's biodegradable. Do the same on the other side. I'll use a new finger so there’s less clumping.

Step Three: Move any glitter that is out of place. And add a second layer of finer glitter if you like.

This look will make your night on the couch even more special. And of course, you want to top this off with a cape from Elevate Capes. We’ll be launching a new line of short capes very soon. Join our mailing list for first dibs and more fun videos to keep your quarantine interesting. As always, stay Elevated!

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