Beat Zoom Fatigue - 3 Tips for Spicing up Your Zoom Calls


Hey friends. It’s almost the middle of May, how you doin'? The past few months have been a rollercoaster of new realities including working from home, socializing from home, working out from home, basically being home alot. I know for some this has been a hard adjustment but there are a few things about it that I have really enjoyed.

I have loved cooking all my meals at home and spending more time with my husband and doggo. Suddenly a trip to the grocery store is the most exciting part of my week. Instead of trying to rush through it to get to the next scheduled activity I am deeply appreciating every part of it. My husband and I don’t own a car so we’ve been using our bike trailer to schlepp groceries home. We bring a speaker with us to blast music while we’re pedaling down the street. It’s the small things right now, amiright?!

Which brings me back to my original post. I’ve got some real virtual zoom fatigue. I don’t know about you but I find socializing on zoom exhausting compared to in-person conversations. I have a few theories about this (I always do). First, it’s so hard to get a read on someone online. Being in person is the full experience of laughing, sharing, being vulnerable, listening, and interrupting.

With a screen in between us we’re only getting a portion of the full human experience. And that leaves me tired. Plus I'm so distracted with my own video. I’m not used to viewing the world with a continuous mirror of myself reflected back to me. I know it’s vain but it’s the truth. 

So, here are three tips to spice up your zoom conversations. 

  1. Cover the square tile with your video with another application. I find I can focus way more on the conversation when I’m not staring at my own face.
  2. Consider using the old fashioned telephone. Remember that old thing? I find the conversation flows easier because there isn't a lag between switching screens and audio. It's a seamless experience full of interrupting and overlapping responses. Even better, use the phone and go for a walk while you’re having a conversation. Enjoy the fresh air while you connect with someone. Just don’t forget your facemask while you’re on the way out the door.
  3. Make it fun. If it’s a personal call dress up or wear a funny hat. It’s a talking point that people will love. If your zoom call is for work get dressed. I’ve noticed that people are wearing pajamas all day. I fully support that but only for a short period of time. Think about it, you’re wearing your pajamas and staring at the video of you wearing your pajamas all day long. That can’t feel productive. It’s important to look your best and hopefully have some fun with it. 

I hope these tips help. And if you need a mask for your outdoor calls check out our facemasks here. More colors and sizes available next week.

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