5 Tips to Throwing The Perfect Virtual Pride Party

So this year pride will be virtual across the country on June 27th and 28th. Yes, it’s a big change from the typical Saturday Dyke March in Dolores to the Castro followed by an epically long parade of rainbows on Sunday. It's 2020, nothing is the same.

But there is a major silver lining in these changes, Big Freedia will be headlining Saturday’s event. Say what?! I am obsessed with her and excited to see what she pulls out for this event. Side note, I named my dog Freedia Bonita Baby after Big Freedia because she's bouncy AF. The resemblance is uncanny. Mmmmmkay!

So to get us in the spirit and to break up the monotony of our weekend routines here are my hot tips on throwing a virtual pride party this year. 

  • Decide on your guest list. Too many people and you might feel overwhelmed with both hosting and the nagging fear in your mind about whether or not all of your guests have been washing their hands over the past 14 days. Maybe you just want a little intimate gathering with one screen setup on the parade and the other screen setup on your friends throwing shade. Either way you slice it make sure it’s right for you.
  • If hosting guests try to have the party outdoors or at least keep all the windows and open. Fresh air will keep your guests safer.
  • Go all out with the rainbows. Get creative and decorate your front windows. I’ve seen rainbows in windows made out of post-it notes, pom poms, and streamers. This year is not the year to be shy about your pride and your neighbors will appreciate it.

  • Show off your rainbow face mask to match your rainbow cape courtesy of your very own local capemaker. We’ve got limited quantities so order early!

I can’t wait to see your pride this month! I hope you all enjoy it and take part in the festivities. If you have more tips please add in the comments! 

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